Due to the awesome power of the new Chrysler-designed eight-speed automatic transmission, there are immense savings on gasoline worldwide.Reports estimate more than 700 million gallons of gasoline worth $2.5 billion have been saved due to the new transmission systems. This is in addition to the CO2 emissions that have already been curbed– more than six million metric tons. You’ll be able to find this transmission on models like the 2014 RAM 1500 and other premiere Chrysler vehicles. Our dealership serving Troy has had great success with the awesome power of this amazing transmission system.

“This is precisely the kind of impact we targeted with the TorqueFlite program,” says Jeffrey Lux, Vice President and Head of Transmission Powertrain. “And we fully expect this momentum to continue as we expand availability.”

There are plans to expand the transmission system to other Dodge brand models like the Charger and the Challenger. This will bring an even smoother ride to powerful muscle cars that constantly top the charts for driving enthusiasts. There’s an immense amount of design prowess that comes through with a transmission system like the TorqueFlite.

“The TorqueFlite’s wide 7.03 ratio spread is the reason it can deliver such superior performance,” Lux says. “This enables engines to operate at peak efficiency in a broader range of driving conditions.”

Chrysler will continue to add onto their existing fantastic design features and vehicles. You should get a front-row seat to it all! We here at Dan Hemm Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM want to offer you a chance to check out our wide selection of new and pre-owned Chrysler vehicles. Our knowledgeable sales associates can give you all the details and help find the model to suits your needs best!