Can regular inspections save you from a scary incident? While not all pickup problems are preventable, having trained professionals inspect your vehicle gives you extra peace of mind. Plus, regular maintenance extends the life of your RAM 2500 and helps it hold its value.

Learn more about how our service department at Dan Hemm Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM near Troy helps you protect your investment.

Routine care for your RAM 2500

When most drivers think of routine maintenance, oil changes are the first thing that pops into their mind. And with good reason as oil keeps your engine running smoothly. But, it’s also important to replenish and replace other fluids that keep your moving parts turning seamlessly. Plus, our RAM truck dealer suggests checking your cabin air, air conditioning, oil, and fuel filters.

Common parts to replace on a RAM 2500

Some parts on your truck, like belts, degrade over time. Often, it’s a simple fix that doesn’t require much time. But, failure to catch the problem may result in a part failure while you’re driving. For instance, your fan belt controls your power steering. Without it, you can still steer your pickup, but it’ll be much tougher to turn the wheel. If you notice a squeaking sound, then it’s time to contact your RAM truck dealer near Troy.

Along with belts, it’s vital to get regular inspections on your braking and alignment systems. By catching problems early, you’ll avoid a disaster on the highway.

Get service with help from your RAM truck dealer

Our team at Dan Hemm Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM makes maintaining your RAM 2500 is easy. Save yourself stress with regular inspections. Just stop by and talk to your RAM truck dealer. Or head over to our website and schedule your appointment online.