The 2014 Chrysler company 2014 Autorama High School Design Competition recently happened and saw a few Detroit students getting awarded top honors.Alex Fischer, a 17-year-old Stoney Creek High School senior, was awarded first place for a 10-minute sketch that he made during math class. “When I found out I won, it felt surreal,” he said. “I was really surprised. It took awhile for me to accept it.”

Fischer started sketching vehicle designs after he attended a three-week course at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, and he hopes to continue the hobby after high school is over. Chrysler dealerships serving Piqua and other locations can thank innovative thinkers like Fischer who have contributed to Chrysler vehicles throughout the years. We can only hope that his designs and passion become a reality.

Mark Trostle, head of SRT, Mopar and Motorsports Design, awarded Fischer and other students at a recent auto show in Detroit.

“What we look for, and his had the most of, was proportion and perspective,” said Trostle. “Drawing a car is really a difficult thing.”

Eight Michigan students were awarded–two from each grade. Despite not designing something for families like the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country, each student brought something unique to the table. Some of these qualities included sportiness, vision, efficiency and passion.

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