The battery is an essential component to any car, but when there is corrosion on the battery, or your car is suffering from electrical issues, it may warrant a replacement. If you’re looking for battery replacement in the Sidney, OH area though, you should choose our team at Dan Hemm Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM.

Battery Issues

Many of our customers ask us, ‘what is the purpose of the car battery?’ Car batteries are essentially a source of electricity for your vehicle. Mainly used to power infotainment systems, locks, windows, and headlights, your car battery is as essential to your vehicle as the engine. Without a properly charged car battery, your car could be grounded until you install a replacement.

How do you know when it is time to replace your car battery? Well, there are many signs to look for. The first is corrosion, which can be identified as gunk or dust collecting on the main connector points. Corrosion can be cleaned off, but it is also a telltale sign that it may be time to order a replacement battery. Another sign of a bad battery can be dim lights and other electrical issues. Over time batteries tend to lose their charge and this loss of power can be evident in the function of things like headlights and infotainment systems. Sometimes a bad battery can also impact how long it takes to start your engine, as a slow starting engine can also be a major sign for replacement.

Battery Replacement and Repair

If you’re unsure whether its time to replace your car battery or not, our team of technical experts at our Chrysler, RAM, Jeep and Dodge dealership are here to help. Here at Dan Hemm Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM we take auto maintenance seriously, especially when it comes to your car battery.