If you live near Piqua, OH and have searched for a “Chrysler dealership near me,” you’ve likely come across our convenient and friendly dealership. We love giving advice and car care tips that help our customers make the most out of their big investment. Our dealers can give you tips and advice for your vehicle, such as how to handle cosmetic damages to your car. 

If your headlights are foggy – try the old toothpaste trick. Using a rag, rub toothpaste all over the light caps, and rinse thoroughly after to make them shine like new. And if you need help replacing a bulb, come by our service center anytime.

If you got a chip in your windshield – get to a professional ASAP. They can use an epoxy that seals the chip, preventing it from becoming a crack, which would warrant a full windshield replacement. This service is often covered by your auto insurance, too.

If your car has a dent – you may be able to pop it out by hand. Larger dents in the fender or bumper may be pulled out. However, smaller dents in the body, especially in complicated areas such as the doors, will need some help from professionals to fix.

If your car has a scratch – search online to find the exact paint color of your model by searching make, model, year, and other vehicle details. Then go to your local autoparts store and buy a can of paint or a paint pen to fix any blemishes.

And don’t forget to make an appointment or stop by anytime for your Chrysler parts and service for an oil change or any of your other routine maintenance needs. Our caring and professional staff will gladly help with all things auto-related. Come see us today.